In Our Community

County Commissioner, St. Mary’s County District 2, Hollywood/ Leonardtown – Since being elected in 2014, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens. I have worked hard to keep taxes low while providing high quality services. Working with fellow Commissioners we have been able to break ground on a new Leonardtown Library, new Garvey Senior Center, new boat ramp on the Patuxent River at Clarke’s Landing, new waterfront park at Snow Hill Farm in Hollywood and finish renovations to the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. During the last audit cycle, the County received the highest rating given by the auditing firm of Murphy & Murphy. It was noted that expenses were under projections in every category in the budget indicating a high level of efficiency and the County increased budget reserves from 17% to over 20% while holding the line on taxes.

Commissioner, Critical Areas Commission for the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Coastal waterways – In 2014 Governor Hogan appointed me to this important Commission as the St. Mary’s County representative. It has been an assignment that’s given me unique insights into the challenges our State faces in dealing with the Watershed Implementation Program (WIP). Impacts to the County budget along with finding solutions to storm water runoffs and pollution are factors needing our attention.

Commissioner, Patuxent River Commission. In 2014 Governor Hogan also appointed me to the Patuxent River Commission – The Patuxent River is an important waterway that has been under stress from residential and commercial development. This commission recommends to the Governor initiatives to improve the quality and condition of the river.

Board Member, St. Mary’s County Board of Education – I was elected in 1996 to the first “elected” Board of Education in over 100 years and served as chairman from 1997 to 1999. I am pleased that under my leadership we were able to modernize seven schools, including all three high schools and the Tech Center. As a Commissioner, I will continue to support the continued excellence of our school system.

Board Member, St. Mary’s County Zoning Board of Appeals – The five- member Appeals Board heard and voted on appeals from citizens on land use, zoning and permitting issues. The appeals usually involved requests for exceptions to the County’s land use rules. As a rule, I am a strong believer in private property rights as long as they are not overly detrimental to our community as a whole or in direct contrast to the GDP.

Commissioner, St. Mary’s County Planning Commission – The seven- member Planning Commission worked with concerned citizens, County staff, the development community and landowners to help create land use policy. The Board was also the first step in addressing any land use issues that were in contrast to the GDP.