Taxes & County Government

  • I oppose all tax increases and all new fees.

  • I oppose unfunded mandates from the State.

  • I support an efficient, transparent and user-friendly county government.

Land Use & the Environment

  •  I support updating the County General Development Plan (GDP) in order to stop incremental and unplanned growth.

  •  I only support new development that is in harmony with our existing communities.

  •  I support protecting our headwaters, creeks, streams and the hundreds of miles of coastline.


  •  I support a more pro-active relationship with PAX River.

  •  I support keeping our business taxes low to retain and attract businesses.

  •  I support updating our transportation corridors to handle the increased traffic.


  • I support transparency in school spending.

  • I support school choice and charter schools.

  • I support modernizing our public schools.

  • I do not support the one-size-fits-all CORE curriculum.

  • I support giving parents a voice in the education of their children.

  • I support truth in budgeting and the end to stockpiling money that is not spent.

  • I support the Community College’s goal of excellence.